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17+ Best Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Teenage Girls – [Expert Choice]

From Girly lassie to Tomboy, It is quite a fun to choose the right bedroom furniture for your priceless teenage princess. Being a teenager, a bedroom can be her very own personal space and comfort-zone where she can express herself with no boundaries. So, one should never impose their ideas on her. This is how we come to the very first clue to an ideal teenage girl’s bedroom, talk to her.

Best Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Teenage Girls

Know Your Girl’s Style Before Deciding Right Furniture

Knowing your daughter’s taste of style is very important. What colors she like, what patterns and what feel she expects from her bedroom when she is in there. We all know that girls love to hangout with their friends in bedrooms for chats and other fun games. She should not feel deprecated with her friends in bedroom only because of the wrong choice you made for her furniture. Once you know her taste, you are good to go for shopping and in fact, take her along.

Even if you are not sure of her taste. Don’t worry as here we are going to share lots of furniture ideas so you can choose the best for your sweetest daughter.

Pros Of Knowing Girl Style

  • Your daughter will get closer and more comfortable with you
  • She will learn the art of expressing her that will be useful in her long life.

Cons Of Knowing Girl Style

  • She can get over excited and loose the track of what she really wants. So you should know how to handle her.
  • She can get agitated if you ignore her choices that can lead to anger as well

Now we are going to discuss best bedroom furniture items for your daughter. So keep reading…

17+ Best Bedroom Furniture Ideas For Teenage Girls

Single or Double Bed: Bedroom Furniture Bed For Teenage Girl Idea #1

This debate goes way back in time. For teens, beds become their islands where they sleep, chat, watch TV and play games, even do their homework. If you have two teen girls at home, it is possible that their choices might be totally different. One might like bright colors and floral patterns whereas the other might like rugged-luxe one. The beds you see in picture below can be converted into bunk bed as well. For more details please click on the link below image. No matter which bed you choose, single or double. The ideas in this column can still be applied on their bedrooms.

Recommended Single Or Double Furniture Beds

Pros Of Single Or Double

  • Having teen girls sharing their bedroom with each other can develop certain skill in them.
  • They will learn how to adjust in life.
  • She can find her best friend in her sister too.

Cons Of Single Or Double

  • In case they don’t get along well, there can be fights often.
  • They can damage each other’s belongings.

Bed Inspires Her Creative Side: Bedroom Furniture Bed For Teenage Girl Idea #2

The Jenny Lind metal bed frame takes us back to a bygone era when bedrooms had that simple country flare. If you noticed fashion and styling skills in your girl, who knows she might be a star fashion designer someday. A mannequin stand can inspire your girl to design some dresses on it. At Other times use it as a hanger for scarves and jackets. The Chester beside mannequin is perfect to organize her stuff and goes well with the theme. Place a stylish night stand on her sleeping side that can provide space for her night books, alarm clock and some other knickknacks. Get a contemporary designer lamp on other side for night reading.

Recommended Creative Furniture Beds For Teenage Girl

Pros Of Creative Bed

  • She will feel inspired each time she looks at the furnishing in her bedroom that will remind
    her of her goal.
  • It can help keep herself determined for the aim what she wants to achieve in life.
  • Her choosing skills will stay around her own personality only.

Cons Of Creative Bed

  • She might change her mind with time. That will lead to change most of the furnishings.
  • She can be distracted from her goal by looking at the stuff she no longer desires to see.
  • She can get confused with her very own choices and the one what his room depicts about herself.

Get minimalist for small rooms: Bedroom Furniture Bed For Teenage Girl Idea #3

Furniture has to be of right scale with respect to the room size. Too big or too small beds can break the harmony among furnishings in the bedroom. This convertible bed is perfect for her. It can serve the purpose of a day bed as well. Whereas at night it creates an extra room for a girl’s sleepover. This is how some carefully chosen furniture can optimize her room space as well as increase the functionality. Similarly placing mirrors on walls give a feeling of spaciousness.

Recommended Minimalistic Bed for small rooms For Teenage Girl

Pros Of Minimalistic Bed

  • Convertible furniture saves your floor area.
  • It increases the functionality of the same room.
  • It saves your money also by buying just one product that can be used as two different furniture products.

Cons Of Minimalistic Bed

  • Half knowledge of using convertible furniture can damage the piece.
  • A lazy person can find this too hectic to change its form every time he needs one.
  • The chances of wear and tear increases because of the continuous changes in the form.

Furniture With Lots Of Storage: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #4

Before it is too late to change the furniture in bedroom, choose wisely. These days’ kids grow a number of hobbies to keep them busy. More the hobbies more will be the stuff. Thus she will require an extra space. How about if the bed itself can subsume some of the stuff without disturbing its functionality?
What more she can ask for. This bookcase style headboard is a life saver. Not leaving any space below bed unused, this piece of furniture is just the right bed for her. Drawers on both sides provide enough space to store the stuff. Maximize the bonus by placing such bench by footboard.

Recommended Furniture with lots of Storage For Teenage Girl

Pros of Furniture With Lots Of Storage

  • You get extra space for storage.
  • This come in hand’s reach as long as you are storing in bed only.
  • It can save your time to find your book from the clutter.

Cons Of Furniture With Lots Of Storage

  • Leaving the space on shelves empty, increases the dusting work in the room.
  • It can make her lazy to keep everything in a hand’s reach.
  • If not properly organized, you will get lost in finding just a single book.

Thought-provoking study area: Study Area For Teenage Girl Idea #5

Study area is quite an essential part in her bedroom. Just because it is used for doing homework, does not mean it has to be dull and stodgy. Let the creativity flow through each piece of study furniture. It will make her love to hang out over this place and home work will become fun. Dedicate a piece of wall to have boxed shelving on it. Create her own personalized library. Put some storage bins and name them after whatever the stuff she likes to put in. Storage bins are great at hiding unmanaged stuff like paint brushes, ribbons etc. and keep the space look clutter free.

Recommended Study Area For Teenage Girl

Pros of Thought-provoking study area

  • It can help her keep her mind focused and increase the concentration ability.
  • Chances of doing mistakes in her home work decreases.
  • Well designed study can make her homework interesting.

Cons Of Thought-provoking study area

  • It can also make her brain rigid to think in a specific area.
  • Too much dominating accessories can divert her mind often.
  • Too much comfortable chair for the study table is not recommended.

Displays in the Bedroom: Furniture Display For Teenage Girl Idea #6

Make simple walls interesting by fixing some display shelves in her bedroom. Put her souvenirs and achievements on them. A light colored wall can be made interesting by using some of these wall display shelves available online. Use it to display her art work as well.

Recommended Display in the Bedroom For Teenage Girl

Pros of Displays in the Bedroom

  • She can boast her prizes and art work.
  • It gives her a feeling of encouragement.

Cons Of Displays in the Bedroom

  • Dusting work is apparently increased in the room.
  • Edgy shelves can injure if not looked after properly.

Organizing Stuff in Bedroom: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #7

Such furnishing can provoke her organizing skills. Girls have a lot of stuff and they love to organize. This Table top nail polish stand display /rack organizer displays her nail polish collection beautifully stepwise & provokes the natural instinct in her to organize things delicately. Best for her dressing table.

Recommended Organising Stuff in Bedroom For Teenage Girl

Wall Decor To Emphasize Her Personality: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #8

These wall decals can really get the bedroom alive and have an identity which introduces her to others. These wall stickers are very easy to clean with just a damp cloth. These wall stickers are a no big time deal. It’s very quick to install them, moreover indulge your family and friends and make this process a fun. The surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth thoroughly and let it to get dry for some time. Just peel off those pre cut pieces of wall stickers off from the backing paper and began pasting them to the desired wall area. After pasting the wall stickers on your wall, make sure there are no air bubbles trapped inside the decal sticker. With the help of a paper bind notebook, press the sticker outwards to release the bubbles if any. Your tomboy girl would love to have rugged and street art work done on her walls. Graffiti work is one of them.

Recommended Wall Decor in Bedroom For Teenage Girl

Pros of Wall Decor in Bedroom

  • She can express her taste of style without speaking to the one who just enters her room.
  • This idea of designing is very cheap on pocket.
  • It almost needs no maintenance.

Cons Of Wall Decor in Bedroom

  • If peeled off from edges it can be damaged.
  • The color may lighten with time.
  • If it’s glossy, you can get an unpleasing glare reflection from it.

Lightning in the Bedroom: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #9

Provided her style is contemporary and artistic, this piece of light can uplift her style statement. A fascinating nautical regency searchlight focus floor lamp made of Aluminum with brown color three fold Tripod Stand made of wood and classy antique finish sounds perfect for her room.

Recommended Lightning in the Bedroom For Teenage Girl

Linen for her bedding: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #10

Since furniture is whispering her charisma, then why should not the linen do? Choose a bed linen that reflects her image, her nature and style. Doing certain things can make your daughter more expressive and strengthen the belief in herself. This vibrant bedding set is a modicum of excellent craftsmanship. This king-sized bed sheet has a glowing print of a beautiful star galaxy; and so is on the pillow covers as well.

Recommended linen for her bed For Teenage Girl

Pros of linen for her bedding

  • She can express her taste of style without speaking to the one who just enters her room.
  • This idea of designing is very cheap on pocket.
  • It almost needs no maintenance.

Cons Of linen for her bedding

  • If peeled off from edges it can be damaged.
  • The color may lighten with time.
  • If it’s glossy, you can get an unpleasing glare reflection from it.

Night lamp With Automatic Sensors: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #11

Such night lamp can provide her enough of soft light in her bedroom at night to navigate through out the room. This cute little doremon shaped lamp can hang a pair of keys too. Unique in its design, this sensor night lamp has an auto sensing function that switches on the lamp when there is insufficient light in room. This sensor night lamp switches off automatically when the room is well-lit. This not only saves time and electricity, but ensures efficient performance of the lamp. Its in-built light sensor saves you the trouble of switching on or off a night bulb. One of the best options for any teen girl.

Recommended Night lamp With Automatic Sensors For Teenage Girl

A dresser just for her: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #12

Be it an ethnic royal or contemporary design, a dresser is a must have for a girl. Where she can organize her makeup stuff, jewelry etc. and get ready for some special occasions of her life. As in prom party. This dresser is made up of thick 25mm MDF wood with white and walnut finish. Horizontal grove design runs on entire bedroom collection which gives elegant and modern look. On the other side High Quality Teak Wood made Premium Dressing Furniture is an Antique Article. It is designed by Professional & Expert Craftsmen. This design is just a clone of Italian Furniture.

Recommended dresser For Teenage Girl

Too small to make some room for dresser?: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #13

This sleek designer dresser cabinet can save you a lot of room space. Moreover it can store a lot of her nail polishes, lip gloss and jewelry inside it. This is a multi-purpose, all-in-one cabinet, which serves a full length dressing mirror and at the same times a jewelry cabinet too. It is designed for most accessories storage needs. As long as it is moveable furniture, you can remodel her bedroom whenever you prefer too.

Recommended Dresser For Small Room Of Teenage Girl

Designer Boutique: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #14

No girl’s bedroom is complete without her wardrobe. Where she stores her fabulous dresses and delicates. Never use a harsh cloth piece on furniture for dusting. It is always advisable to keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and try not to put in those places where humidity levels are high. Always use coasters or some kind of mats to keep any hot object on the wooden furniture as it may get damaged by causing white rings or spots on the wood. Alcoholic solutions such as nail paint remover, thinner, spirit solution can easily damage the finish of the furniture. So avoid placing them on or near the furniture.

Recommended Designer Boutique For Teenage Girl

Smart bedroom furniture: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #15

This is totally a super space saver. During the day she can hangout with her friends on this beautiful sofa and it can be converted to a bed by doing just minor adjustments. It is quite apt for those rooms that do not have extra space for sitting besides the bed itself. No compromise with the outlook, this piece of furniture is a must buy for small sized rooms. The new tufted design sofa bed comes with multicolor cushion and bedding that is smooth and comfy. Easy click clack spring India mechanism unfolds the sofa into a bed in an instant with ease. This sofa is distinctively designed and manufactured using good quality raw material such as solid wood, high density foam and fiber, velvet and chrome legs and experienced manpower. A number of options are available on the link given between the images.

Recommended Smart bedroom furniture For Teenage Girl

Sit & Tie: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #16

Not just for the ease of putting shoes and bellies on, these foot board benches really gives a designer and trendy touch to the whole room’s décor. An upholstered pouf that can be used as an ottoman with the sofa bed or a bench independently. Made in ply, foam and wood, the sofa is upholstered in a premium quality synthetic fabric with soft texture. Legs in rubber wood. Light stains can be cleaned with a damp sponge and mild soapy solution. Non removable covers. Vacuum cleaning recommended. Avoid direct sunlight.

Recommended Sit & Tie furniture For Teenage Girl

Pros of Sit & Tie

  • It provides a comfortable sitting to bend down and wear bellies or shoes.
  • It’s a quick sit option as long as you don’t want to spoil the crease of bedding.

Cons Of Sit & Tie

  • It eats up a lot of floor space.
  • It is not recommended for small sized rooms.

CURTAINS: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #17

Try to conceive a certain look from the curtains that can make her bedroom more attractive. Big prints are not recommended for small size bedrooms. Choose some pastelcolored curtains instead. An inspired beautiful image that will give her bedroom attraction &relaxing mode. These one of a kind Digital Printed curtain will surely transform her room in agreat value on affordable price. Curtain is process on a special machine which is DigitalEnhanced Graphic Print Machine. It presents a crisp modern image really sharp & almost real, good as picture.

Use trendy curtain tie knots. It can add an extra pinch of style to the curtain length. Instill alove for wildlife and introduce your children to the world of animals with this furry little plush toy.
There are some certain curtain rods that differ from usual ones. They really look like madefor a girl’s room. Have a look at the link provided below.

Recommended Curtains For Teenage Girl

Pros of widow curtains

  • Widow curtains are quite cost effective way of designing the room and providing it desired privacy. Carefully chosen curtains with respect to the existing furnishings, can make a big positive effect in the whole room.
  • No doubts, curtains works way better than blinds to block the sun light and protect the room from heating up in those summer days. On the other side, in winters window curtains make the room feel cozy and warm as compared to blinds. They give your room a cozier look that adds an extra charm to your whole house.
  • Window curtains come in larger varieties as compared to the blinds. Mostly blinds come in monotonous solid color only, whereas in the case of window curtains we get a number of colors, texture, patterns etc. with elegant and sophisticated designs.
  • Window curtains can be washed and cleaned much easier than blinds. whereas in blinds the opening and closing mechanism often gets damaged and can increase the maintenance cost.

Cons of widow curtains

  • Window curtains as compared to the blinds, take much space which can make a small room look even smaller. Window curtains attract a lot of dust particles that makes it must to wash and clean them regularly after certain period of time. If these curtains are not cleaned regularly, it could lead to the accumulation of dust. Moreover, cleaning widow curtains is tedious task than simply cleaning blinds with a duster/wiper. Widow curtains could be a real dungeon to hide for children when parents are out to feed them.
  • All in all, widow curtains are by far the best option for households with priorities like sun block, privacy and artistic look of a room coming first. However, for those who don’t want to spend many on curtains or over their maintenance, blinds could be a better option for them. It is always good to compare the both pros and cons of window curtains before coming up with a final resolution.

Flooring ideas for her bedroom: Bedroom Furniture For Teenage Girl Idea #18

The floor plays quite an essential part in designing a room. Sophisticatedly chosen flooring can stand out and enhance the beauty of any area. These days Vinyl flooring is very much in trend. Because any kind of effect or look can be conceived from this material. From wooden flooring effect to grassy ground, all is possible.  Last but not the least, rugs. We cannot just ignore them. A rug adds uniqueness to floor and also works as area divider within a room.

WOOD: Wooden flooring has been around for ages. And it is still the number one choice for homeowners looking for a cozy and practical flooring option. It can either be solid wood flooring or engineered wooden planks.

STONE: Natural or engineered stone are excellent choices for flooring because of their low maintenance, exceptional designs and extreme durability. Some of the common choices are granite, slate, marble and Quartzite

LAMINATE: Laminate remains one of the more popular choices for home owners thanks to its versatility, durability and multitude of design options. You can choose laminate that looks like stone, wood or tile.

TILES: Tiles are available in a variety of materials like Ceramic, Quarry, Terra Cotta and Porcelain. So, you have an endless number of design and color choices.

Recommended Flooring ideas For Teenage Girl

Pros of Flooring ideas

  • Wood is soft to the touch, durable and long lasting if well cared for. It is available in a wide range of finishes, colors and hues and you can choose from a diverse array of wood types. The best part is that you can use wooden flooring in just about any room in the house without making it seem out of place.
  • You have an endless number of options in design, colors and patterns. Also, flooring is available for all types of budgets. It is extremely resistant to scratches, dents and moisture which make it an ideal choice for kitchens, bathrooms and dining areas.
  • Extremely cost effective, easy to maintain, resistant to scratches and easy to install. Many users even install it over their old flooring.
  • A budget friendly option as compared to the other two. A plethora of shapes, sizes and colors which can be mixed also. Tiles offer excellent resistance to moisture and stains.

Cons of Flooring ideas

  • Wood comes with significant upfront costs that include installation. It can also be susceptible to water damage and is usually, the lesser popular choice for areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Softer varieties of wood can also dent under the weight of heavy furniture.
  • Can be expensive if you include the cost of professional installation. Granite may need resealing once a couple of years. Glossy finished stone flooring can tend to be slippery and may not be the best choice, especially if you share the house with elderly people.
  • Laminate cannot be repaired if it is damaged. So, it won’t be as easy as refinishing your wooden flooring.
  • You will have to clean the grout frequently to avoid bacterial harborage and discoloration. Tiles are prone to cracks and dents especially under heavy furniture. It can be difficult to repair if you damage a tile.

Q. What color should be painted on the walls?

Well when I was younger I loved this sky blue, but then I became a teenager and painted my room a Lilac purple. It’s so pretty, If i could go back and change it I would make it white with black stripes like a zebra print, but my parents are that skilled at painting. But I do love my color; I think you should go with light colors like blues, purple, light pinks. They are always nice.

Q. How to manage two teenage girls in one room?

Bunk beds come in handy when we have two siblings living in one room.  I am sure you’ve seen bunk beds and you either of you like the look of it or don’t.  I have never been a huge fan, but bunk beds are actually solution to this problem.  They are a smart solution to use the height of the room and not ruining the floor space.  There is a lot of different style and color bunk beds and in just as many different style settings as we can think of.

Let’s dive in and take a look at some unique and fun ideas for bunk beds for her bedroom…

Bunk beds – This name bunk has arrived from military language. Where the dwellings are made in huge pits made in earth. The need for a typical stair has been eliminated and has actually cleverly been incorporated into the side of the bed. Artistically, each outline of the bunk bed is stylized as to match the likings of the occupants. Maximizing the floor space, ladder is made sleek.

In some cases ladder is uniquely used as storage from the inside and ladder on the other side. Bunk beds come in a number of styles, where in you can get a study coming out of the bed too. They have always been a life saver for small area rooms. Put a stylized book shelf on the wall to let her have night reading before going to bed. Both beds must have the facility of night lamps which shall not disturb the other one. Keeping the harmony while living together in the bed room.
This soft and serene sisterly space is simply soothing and elegant. Upholstered wall, upholstered bed, fluffy down comforter. As if the sisters will never apart from each other. And who would blame them. This space for two is magical regardless of their ages and choices in life otherwise. Refer to the links given, where you can find some really wonderful ideas for bunk beds. Side safe for bunk beds are always recommended to avoid any injuries to children.

Q. I am thinking of a black and white theme. But I’m not sure if my daughters will admire it. Suggest please.

Black and White Teen Bedroom – Anti-color is trendy too; paint one wall in the room black and leave the others white. A black wall will really highlight posters and other art you put up without making the entire room seem like a darkened cave. For a really hip black and white room you could also skip color completely and choose black and white photos and art to hang on your walls. Create visual impact by adding one accent color, such as red to give emphasis and create a single focal point; it could be the headboard, something on the wall, the bedspread … whatever you want to really stand out. Once you have finalized colors scheme, you have to look about other part like furniture & fittings. Since the room size is small, I presume the bed could be designed such that they can be put inside wall when you don’t need them or use a sofa-bed for this purpose. The small reading table can be also hanging time. Open during study time. The book shelf should be fixed with the wall so that no space is wasted on the floor.

Q. Girls have so much of knickknacks. How to organize?

By natural instinct, girls tend to own a lot of stuff. Collecting different things is usually any girls one of their hobbies. By following some really smart tips given below you can make it easy for her to manage the knickknacks.

1] Portable storage containers under your bed for – out of season clothes, sports equipment, old magazines for reference – stuff you don’t need all the time

2] Shelf dividers in clothes closet – for hats, handbags, stacks of clothing; hanging or floor shoe racks

3] ‘Antique’ trunk or hope chest – at foot of bed or as side table.

4] make one of your desk drawers a file drawer – save papers you can refer to again or use as future study material; have notebook and graph paper handy, use one section for stationary or greeting cards, etc. If you can’t do it with a desk, get a two drawer file cabinet.

5] Get an over-the-door hook rack for your towel, robe and jacket

6] Put bulky items in colored milk crates.

All in all, storage bins are the best choice to store the clutter and knick knacks. Just do not forget to label them and keep the labels updated.

Q. How can I decorate her room in budget?

I think it would be a good idea for you to sit on your bed, look around your bedroom, and try to imagine the walls being painted your favorite color, maybe light blue, or pale pink, or soft yellow, or maybe even just plain white to keep it bright and cheery. Then you could choose a favorite fabric for a valence over the windows, or curtains that hang to the floor, and maybe even use that same fabric for a bedspread or decorative pillows. Find a lampshade that goes well with your colors, or maybe a small area rug that brings all the colors together. If you have a hat that goes with your color scheme, put a hook on your wall or door and hang the hat on it as part of your decorating theme. Most of all, make this project fun, and let it reflect you and your personality!

Q. My girl is facing too many health problems ever since she shifted to new room. Can FengShui help?

Of course, it can work. As long as you believe in it. First of all get the dream catcher. Follow ba-gua rules in her bedroom. Remove any front or side facing mirrors. It can distract her sleep at night.

There are certain books in store these days which help very much to know your good and bed directions in the room. I really believe in it as I have been using this past many years I can’t remember.

In feng-shui yin and yang is the ultimate power and existence around which the world rotates. The balance between these two can create a harmony in her life. Personal as well as academic. One of the very basic rules of feng-shui is let the energy flow throughout the living space. You can do it by planning airy home plan. Try to keep the place as clean as much you can. Anything which is not been in function for a long time can create negative energy and attracts passiveness. This study also talks about sounds. Thus some special sound making décor items are also popular. Wind chimes, bamboo chimes, bamboo plant, laughing Buddha, frog with a coin in mouth, crystal turtle and much more.

Since ancient times this exercise has greatly affected human kind. Many kings had been using this way to conquer new states and expand their reigns. Till date there are families in Japan and china where this tradition is taken very seriously, especially regarding children’s health.

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